Cyber Badges

Sixteen cyber badges are offered within the well-established, comprehensive cyber programs at both the University at Albany (UAlbany) and Florida International University (FIU). UAlbany offers ten of the sixteen cyber badges, with FIU offering the remaining. The cyber badges offered are aligned with the DoD Cyber Workforce Framework (CWF) and are mapped to these categories, specialty areas, and work roles to highlight their relevance. The cyber badges offered are:

Each cyber badge will require the student to complete three cybersecurity classes aligned with their particular badge. Students are also required to conduct a research project under the supervision of an assigned mentor to meet the cyber badge requirements. Students will receive $1,500 per class taken, equating to $4,500 per badge, which will be distributed following the completion of ALL the classes required for a cyber badge.


As part of VICOR, the students are required to complete a research project on a real-world problem relevant to DoD cybersecurity work roles under the mentorship of a faculty, DoD, or DIB mentor. In these team-based research projects, students will develop hands-on skills and soft skills such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and analytical thinking.

The research projects will be team-based projects, many of which will be collaborative efforts between UAlbany and FIU students. For students that are currently doing research or have a particular research agenda, individual projects will be allowed. Research deliverables will be due prior to the completion of your cyber badge and include:

  • 4–6-page (excluding references) single-space report for individual projects
  • 8–10-page (excluding references) single-space report for group projects
  • Presentation at the research showcase in May and/or publication at an academic research conference or academic journal.